A potted history of witchcraft

Why I am a Wiccan

This was an address at Memorial (Unitarian) Church, Cambridge, on 29 May 2016. In it, I explain what Wicca is, situating it in the context of other historical and cultural developments, and then talking about why I love Wicca.

There is also a transcript of this talk.

Gender and sexuality in Wicca

This is the video of a talk at Witchfest in Croydon, November 2014. The talk discusses expanding and deepening our understanding of the concepts of polarity and fertility, what tradition is and how it works, what we bring into circle (our whole self, or do we bring only our essence, and what does our essence include?) and how to make Wicca more LGBTQI-inclusive, with examples from rituals and from history.

Please note that not all covens share these views, so be sure to ask any coven you apply to join about these issues, to avoid disappointment.