Model guidelines for group discussion

These are presented as a template or resource for your own use. They were developed by the Inclusive Wicca Discussion Group.

Model guidelines for group discussion

(Can be used face-to-face or online)

Guidance for use in a face to face group

Get participants to suggest their own guidelines and write them up on a flip-chart. If they omit any items from this list, you can suggest them.

Guidance for use in an online group

Type out some of the list items as a poll (if using Facebook). Make sure to tick the option where participants can add suggestions. If they omit any items from this list, you can add them. Participants in the group can be invited or required to vote on the poll items, and ‘like’ the post to indicate that they agree to abide by the guidelines.

The guidelines

  • Focus on arguments, not people (no ad hominem attacks)
  • Address others respectfully
  • Avoid stereotyping of other groups
  • Don’t discriminate or be judgemental
  • There are no “stupid” questions or answers
  • Assume good faith by participants in discussions
  • Don’t assume that you know what someone else means by what they have written / said
  • New members are encouraged to contribute
  • Keep it confidential who said what
  • Don’t reveal personal information outside the group