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Marget Inglis

Marget Inglis was a Scottish High Priestess who was very well-loved by all  who knew her.

Memories of Marget

Once when I was working in Aberdeen I rented a room above a pub. As it happened, Marget ran a moot in the pub downstairs once a month. She really was a remarkable woman – on the face of it an archetypal crone, but with a glorious wit and a scientist’s intellectual curiosity and unwillingness to take things at face value. We had many fascinating conversations, and I ended up guesting with the Oldmeldrum coven on several occasions. The combination of her and Crow in particular made for a stunning good time.
Even in her latter days when she knew she was dying, she remained cheerful and more interested in helping others than worrying about herself. I have nothing but praise for her – we will not see her like again.
~ Allan M